Alice Wise Memorial (AWM) Scholarship Application

Through our Alice Wise Memorial Education Fund, PANAC offers scholarships for perianesthesia nurses pursuing an advanced degree, certification, perianesthesia research or for PANAC/ASPAN seminars.

The PANAC Alice Wise Memorial Scholarship application period is from October 1 - December 15. 

To apply, download an application below and mail it in ( or scanned to email:
  • Basic form (AWMF)
  • BSN/MSN form
  • Research Grant form
  • Student Nurse Scholarship (-Application acceptance August 1 to October 1, 2017
  • Questions related to scholarships?  Contact - Kevin MacVane (presidentelect [at] panac [dot] org)
PANAC Alice Wise Scholarship application2017.docx27.78 KB
PANAC Alice Wise Educational Scholarship Form2017.docx16.89 KB
PANAC Alice Wise Scholarship Research Grant application2017.docx16.93 KB
PANAC RN Student Scholarship application2017.docx20.14 KB